Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

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I recently decided to purchase a “new to me” dining room table.  I saw it on FB marketplace posted by a friend and I jumped to snatch it up! 


My current dining room table has been through the wringer!  I raised 4 sons over the years around this table as a home educator.  So she took a lot of abuse from science experiments, craft projects, and just the wear and tear of everyday activity!


I called my sons over to help with lugging the table out, not remotely expecting any issues.  To my surprise…some of my sons expressed some heartache over watching the table go! They seemed surprised I could let it go so easily…which I totally could!
I was excited to get this new to me dining table in my home, but my boys had all held a sentimental attachment to our old one. 


I think many homeowners can say they hold some sentimental attachment to their homes.  We love many family members through the years in our homes, we watch children grow and parents age in our homes. We work through tiring remodels and sweat through many hours of labor in our homes.
It’s really no surprise that letting go of a home for anyone can be an overwhelming and challenging decision.

I want to truly express to any of you considering tackling the sale of a home to know that I truly empathize and am used to helping people walk through this choice with care and compassion!


I want my sellers to feel confident in every step we take, to know that as an agent I will work hard to make the transaction go as smooth as possible and provide you with as much assistance as possible! 

As an agent, I work to keep my list of helpful contact information ready to share.  I have lists of home cleaners, painters, trash removal experts, electricians, plumbers, contractors, and more!

Selling your home can be emotionally draining on its own….my goal is to make the rest of it as peaceful and comforting as I can!    Please, just call me if you need help in walking through such a decision! I am ready to lend a caring ear and assist! 


As for my old table and my heartbroken sons, they have many pictures they may cherish of the old table...but momma GOT A NEW ONE!