What is Ghosting? Come see how I fixed it!

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Home Improvement

Sharing a peak into my world!  When the weather starts to turn and we must be stuck indoors, its the perfect time to hit those home improvement projects that have lingered!  I recently decided to tackle giving my ceilings  a fresh coat of paint!  

As a realtor, I have spent many hours with home inspectors and have thus soaked up lots of info!

One is the effects of “ghosting” on a ceiling. You might notice gray patches and sections on your ceilings and wonder what can be done and what causes it?!??

Ghosting,” to a builder or painter, refers to apparently unexplainable dark streaks or patches on walls, ceilings, and carpets. They are actually caused by the slow buildup of dust, soot, and sometimes mold, and there are several root causes behind the buildup.                                              

In our case it’s likely caused by candles/soot/ and some insulation issues. We have plans of adding some additional insulation later this spring and we just had our soffits adjusted for added ventilation. 

So we are addressing the root likely causes, but I also wanted to get rid of the patchy streaks! 

In the past it was popular to simply paint with flat ceiling paint…. But I have noticed when HIGH Gloss paint is used.. ceilings POP!



This is starting to become noticed now by the paint companies as well..out with FLAT and in with HIGH GLOSS CEILING PAINT!  You will find your ceilings will look crisp, clean, shiny and reflect more light in your room!  Its also a great time to touch up any small settling cracks you might have noticed in your ceiling. 

Painting a ceiling is definitely hard, physical work! However, your home is an investment opportunity.. be it cash equity or SWEAT equity… it pays off!

My nice, shiny, freshly painted ceiling!  Love it!

I hope to encourage you all to tackle your home improvement projects in bite size chunks and they wont be as overwhelming! But don’t quit!!!!!

So this was a peak into a winter project I tackled to improve my home.  What’s yours??? I would love to hear what you might be tackling!!! 


On a side note, if you have completed many new projects and are WONDERING what your home might sell for in the current market....CALL ME!  I can come do a quick CMA (comparable market analysis) and we can discuss ways to tap into that equity!!!!   Don't hesitate..call today!  Lets get it scheduled!!!